Regional Project for Promoting Cooperative Self-help Organizations in Asia

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
> 1.000.000
Services, Crafts, Industry
Agriculture and Fishery
Banking, Credit, Insurance
Type of Activity:
Consulting (i.e. advocacy, organizational, ICT, etc.)
Training and Capacity Building
Technology and Knowledge Exchange
Institutional Building (i.e. advocacy, etc.)
Network Building and Strengthening
Legal Framework and Policy Reform
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
vietnam cooperative alliance (vca)
provincial cooperative alliances (pcas)

Project Objectives

Strengthening cooperative structures in agriculture, services and finance and thereby enable the participation of economically disadvantaged groups in the economic process


DGRV follows a multi-level approach: The individual cooperative – i.e. at the micro-level – needs a consistent business orientation, adequate internal organization and well-trained managers and staff. In addition, the cooperative must be part of an integrated subsidiarity-based network at the meso-level in order for it to benefit from services provided by specialized central enterprises and associations, such as for training and auditing. At the macro-level, the government must create an adequate legal and regulatory framework for cooperative activities.

The Regional Project for Promoting Cooperative Self-help Organizations in Asia ​consists of project activities in 7 countries: Cambodia (DGRV country office), Myanmar (DGRV country office), Laos (DGRV country office), Vietnam (DGRV country office), Thailand, Philippines and India (partnering with APMAS).

Fields of activity in Vietnam are: - consultancy, advice and advocacy by DGRV cooperative experts in cooperation with VCA and PCAs - regional and national forums and workshops (institutional capacity building and exchange of experience) - cooperative seminars, workshops and trainings (e.g. cooperative principles, business strategy, organization, management, economic and financial performance, marketing, banking, microfinance, agricultural production, trade, cooperative auditing systems...) - individual consultancy, partnerships and various forms of cooperation. From the country office in Vietnam DGRV also coordinates project activities in Thailand and on the Philippines.

The project is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).



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