Improved livelihood sustainability of organic farmers in Ntcheu District of Malawi

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget range (€):
100.001 - 300.000
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
William Jackson Food Group (UK)
Malawi Organic Growers Association

Project Objectives


  • To promote increased organic production through low inputs agriculture and agro-ecology techniques in Ntcheu District among 1000 farmers by 2020
  • To promote organic standards implementation and organic certification of farmers products among 1000 farmers by 2020
  • To promote co-operative development, agribusiness skills and value chain management for organic products among 1000 farmers by 2020
  • To promote awareness on gender, youth, HIV and Aids and Nutrition to reduce vulnerability among organic farm families


  • Establish /construct solar driven surface irrigation
  • Establish organic production of legumes, horticultural crops and livestock
  • Introduce basic permaculture techniques to improve water management, land and soil restoration as well as agroforestry diversity and management
  • Participate in agricultural fairs and shows to advocate organic production
  • Establish group certification processes for smal holder farmers
  • Train internal co-operative inspectors and farmers on organic standards and certification processes
  • Subscription with promotion bodies and certification linkages
  • Facilitate the establishment of co-operative enterprise
  • Facilitate the establishment of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSL's)
  • Increased and improved knowledge in HIV and Aids 
  • Increased awareness on food Nutrition for small holders farmers
  • Increased awareness on gender management issues among target communities


The overall objective of the project is to reduce extreme poverty and food insecurity among 1000 organic farm families through increased organic production and low input agriculture strategy, the marketing of organic commodities and the development of co-operative enterprises by the end of five years. Organic products are safer and produced through sustainable means.

By promoting organic production and consumption at household level, farmers’ household will have access to safe food which will result into improved health and nutrition, reducing the number of people who are affected by malnutrition in the district.

In addition incomes per household could increase significantly if farmers take advantages of available markets that MOGA has secured. There is a clear indication that farmers could increase food production by up to 50% through adoption of irrigation technologies.

This project will also promote the development of co-operative enterprise. Co-operatives enable smallholders to market products together and get a stronger voice in the local and regional supply chain. Because co-operatives are run by and for local people, they develop, and pass on, the business expertise. Profits generated stay local, and are invested in the co-operative, the local area or distributed to the local owners. Co-operatives are an effective tool for self-help.



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