Towards a sustainable management model with gender approach to care elderly people and the social inclusion of differently-abled young people in Old Havana

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500.001 - 1.000.000
Health and Social Services
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GVC Onlus
Fundation Mundubat
OHcH-Oficina del Historiador de la Ciud de La Habana
Cadiai Cooperative
legacoop emilia romagna

Project Objectives

The project aims to improve life quality of elderly people and differently-abled young people and to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to deliver services creating spaces for socialising that encourage social integration of both groups.


Old Havana, like the country as a whole, is facing the population aging and the resulting need to rethink existing social systems and their integration with a particular attention to new and more sustainable forms of management. As a result of this demographic trend, it increased social needs and the need to analyze and rethink real possibilities of services offered. A large number of elderly are take in charge directly by families members, most of them woman, who do not receive any social and economic recognition or by care givers that perform a service without a proper guide or means to carry out.

Therefore, the project is in line with the objective of Cuba to improve life standards of elderly and differently-abled young people and the organization of care services, promoting the participation of civil society as a whole, and acting in line with OHCH policies reflected in the special agenda for the integrated development of the City (Pedi) 2020, as a result of public consultation and a program of support and social integration in the inner city of Havana.

The main objective of the project is to promote social and economic integration of vulnerable groups, especially from the point of view of the social economy and  the gender approach, involving civil society and the Government.

The specific objective of the project is to contribute to define a model of sustainable management to care elderly and for social and economic  integration of differently-abled young people in Old Havana, in collaboration with civil society, institutions and community.



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