GVC and Legacoop Italy with a Food Security Project

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
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5.000 - 100.000
Agriculture and Fishery
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CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
GVC Onlus
ODPP- Organization for the Development of Farmers in the Plains

Project Objectives

This project improved the living conditions of families run by women in a chronic state of poverty and food insecurity, through reinforcement of the ODPP organization and the development of productive activities. 


The ODPP (Organization for the Development of Farmers in the Plains), officially founded in 2009, has 266 members, 233 of whom are women. During its short lifetime, the ODPP has distinguished itself in the community for having facilitated the training of its members (mainly women) in commercial activities, the production and distribution of trees, and fruit and vegetable plants, and artisan production of goods derived from agricultural products (jams and marmalade).

The activities include:

• Reinforcement of the ODPP at an organizational level (management, strategies, activity planning);

• Construction of a food processing/multi-functional center with a water distribution point, so that the women of the ODPP can carry out small processing activities and sales. A mill was installed for flour production, as well as a lab for yuca canning, and an oven for the preparation of bakery items;

• Creation of a fruit and vegetable nursery run by the ODPP and organization of training sessions for the women about its upkeep and grafting techniques;

• Training of 70 women who are household heads and support of income-generating activities (distribution of small herds, supply of seeds).



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