28 Viviendas en Yuto y Vinalito, proyecto habitacional de esfuerzo proprio y aiuda mutua

Start Year:
End Year:
Budget (€):
Budget range (€):
100.001 - 300.000
Type of Activity:
Training and Capacity Building
CEDP Organisation: Lead Organisation(s):
CEFA onlus
Caritas de Jujuy
obispado de jujuy

Project Objectives

Support civil society in the promotion of decent and safe housing rights


The project action aims to respond to the needs of beneficiaries, providing them with housing situation that is worthy and healthy, working opportunities respectful of the environment and traditional cultures and, through the use of renewable energy sources, sustainable use of natural resources. We intend to pursue these objectives by ensuring peaceful coexistence and positive relationship between the two social groups in the area of reference, so that they are able to solve in a cooperative way the problem of social, economic, cultural and cultural exclusion that both have to live with. Both the productive and training activities take place in a collaborative and community method that represents the best way to achieve coexistence and mutual assistance. The results to which the project is working for are varied: -ensure the creation of secure, healthy and stable housing, in part independent from the energy point of view; -stimulate the peaceful and strategic coexistence of the two ethnic groups in order to respond to the common needs of raising the quality of life and combat the economic and social isolation; give rise to income-generating activities (on one side to create economic and productive activities and, secondly, to improve the quality of the diet of children and exploit the natural resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly).



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